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JUUL is the fastest growing company in the industry: currently it has over 76% of the e-cigarettes market in the U.S. and continues to grow. The company emerged as a start-up organized by two Stanford University students, Adam Bowen and James Monziez. The guys studied design and were avid smokers, the main idea was to create a device that will help people quit smoking and which will feel as similar to smoking regular cigarettes as possible. In 2015, after 10 years of work on the device, they realized their American dream and launched their JUUL device.

Unique patented formula of salt nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco leaves and miniature size of the device itself quickly captured the hearts of smokers.

The device itself is as simple as possible and any person, even those who are far from vaping and want to quit smoking, will have no problems or questions with its use. Juul consists of two parts: a battery that is recharged from a special handy USB charging port and a non-refillable liquid cartridge. There are no controls on the case, only an LED that lights up in different colours depending on the battery charge status: Green - maximum/high charge. Yellow - average. Red - low.

The charge indicator appears when a finger taps on the device.

All you need to do is charge the device in time and change the liquid supply as it empties. It takes one hour to fully charge the battery.

The capacity of the liquid cartridge is 0.7 ml, which is equivalent to about one pack of cigarettes or 200 puffs. Available flavors:

  • Tobacco
  • Mango
  • Cucumber
  • Vanilla
  • Fruit Mix

The fortress is 5% salt nicotine.


JUUL Fruit Medley Pods: (price for 4 pcs. /pods)

Each JUUL Pods Fruit cartridge will be full of juicy Georgia peaches, ripe grapes and forest berries that will make your taste buds wild. This perfect combination of delicious fruits will provide a refreshing and enjoyable soaking experience that will surely delight many JUUL fruit cartridge lovers.

JUUL Mango Pods
Mango is JUUL's second fruit offer, following the success of Fruit Medley. JUUL Mango offers the same throat punch and nicotine tide as the others, but with an unmistakable ripe mango flavour.

Classic Virginia Tobacco JUUL Pods
Virginia Tobacco is a cartridge from JUUL with a taste of classic tobacco flavor. It is an American mixed tobacco, which is a bestseller among all tastes. The reason for it is simple, though. JUUL is mainly used by people who are new in vaping. Most likely they are used to smoking real tobacco only recently, so this aroma makes them feel at home.

JUUL Creme Brulee (Vanilla) Pods
JUUL Creme Brulee consists of vanilla notes, silky custard and creme-brulee. The smooth taste of Creme Brulee blends perfectly with morning and afternoon coffee. Created especially for the enthusiasts of dessert taste, who enjoy a rich and intense aroma.

JUUL Mint Pods
Mint Pods JUUL offers a refreshing mint fragrance every time you breathe. Formerly known as JUUL Cool Mint Pods, JUUL Mint Pods provides the most pleasant ice scent in the world. These are considered as the most original JUUL pods in Dubai.

4X JUUL Pods Green Apple - Exchangeable JUUL flavour cartridges.
Each 4X cartridge contains 1 ml. of liquid with 6.5% nicotine strength.
Ingredients: glycerin, propylene glycol, flavouring, nicotine, benzoic acid.


MYLÉ is really similar to JUUL in its kind!

But there are also significant differences between them. That is why we prepared a small comparison for you to acknowledge with all the features of pod systems.

When it comes to design, MYLE is better than JUUL. The MYLE connectors are stronger than the latter. Although MYLE is taller, it is lighter and slimmer than JUUL. This means they are extremely portable.

  • The 200 mAh JUUL battery power makes it weaker than MYLE, with an output of 240 mAh.
  • MYLE has an E-liquid capacity of 0.9 ml, while JUUL is 0.7 ml.
  • If you try MYLE Tropical Mango Pods and JUUL Mango Pods, you will experience a difference. While the former offers you more flavour, the latter gives you a stronger taste.
  • At 5% nicotine strength, MYLE gives you more nicotine noise than JUUL.

Salt nicotine fluid is a relatively new phenomenon for vapers. The strength of this fluid is usually higher than in "standard" vapes. So, JUUL is more like a regular cigarette.

It's very easy to start steaming and give up regular cigarettes. After a few minutes, you no longer feel the need for cigarettes. After a couple of days, regular cigarettes start to smell very unpleasant and their taste is difficult to perceive after switching to steam.

You can buy JUUL in Dubai online in our stores, as well as order delivery to any city all over UAE.


POD JUUL is a legendary device which, thanks to its quality and simplicity, has already won the US market. Now Juul Vape Dubai Labs in UAE. Try this innovative and effective method to combat analogue smoking, and you will not be disappointed!
A complete Juul starter kit with ink cartridges is ideal for exploring this stylish device. Rich kit, simple operation, ultra-compact design and American quality - what could be better? The price, right. We offer the lowest JUUL and JUUL stick prices in Dubai and UAE. JUUL order online - it has never been that easy, just in two clicks. Our specialists will provide you the best service.
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